Embedded School Partnership – 7th Global Immersion Programme to Chosen Hill School – UK

Group picture,  GIP – UK Team from SAI International School and Chosen Hill School Hosts students, teachers and Head Teacher,  Mrs. Kirsten Harrison. SAI Team is lead by Mrs.  Binati Misra, English Teacher and Mrs. Rashmi Sahoo, Primary Teacher along with 17 students from class VIII – X. 

The Global Immersion programme 2017 for UK had a great start with a large group of 17 students  ready to explore and traverse through a new learning roller coaster ride.Two teachers Binati Misra and Rashmi Sahoo with 17 students from classes VIII to X started their journey to the United Kingdom on the 3rd of June .Travelling with Qatar Airways the group reached Heathrow at 6.00 pm on the evening of the 4th of June 2017. There was another two and a half hours of drive to reach Chosen Hill School in Gloucester where excited students and parents were ready to welcome their guests ten students and one teacher dispersed with their hosts to rest for the day while one teacher and seven students went to stay in an Inn called The Old Elm Inn, which is a very popular place in the town.

Day two was the beginning of the activities with the partner school.The coordinators Danielle Bayram and Alice Bailley were there to welcome the group and instructions were given to the students for the entire stay and also the programme was discussed vividly followed by the day’s event. The students practised for the Assembly and then set off on a tour to Gloucester Cathedral. A guide was already hired, who explained the history of the cathedral which also covered part of the Royal family’s history as well. Two more guides were waiting to take the group on a walking tour of Gloucester that has a very old culture and rich with its oriental architecture.SAI group did enjoy a souvenir shopping and returned back to their respective host families.

Day three was entirely a school day. SAI students presented in an Assembly for the year X students followed by class seven where the collaborative school project was done.This is a project on the heritage on Royal families of India. All the students were involved in the presentation in which they presented an ensemble of three songs and showed a power point presentation on India, Odisha and the school. The most attractive item was the showcasing of the festivals of India.The students then shadowed their hosts to attend their classes to learn about the curriculum and learning style of Chosen Hill School. The international club of the school hosted the afternoon Tea Party and the coordinators Miss Bailey,Ms Dani and the head teacher including the senior leadership team of the school attended the tea party.

The students themselves had baked cakes and scones which were really delicious. The students who stayed in the inn were taken to the Gloucester Quays to spend their evening after the hosts had taken the rest of the SAI students.

Day 4 was still more interesting for the students as that was the day when they were going to the famous theme park that is Drayton Manor. The students really had a very enjoyable time trying all the rides one after the other,although some of them were little scary still they wanted to experience and take the adventure.
Back in school that evening the CHS students taught SAI students how to play the game of Rounders and soon they learned the game so well that they gave a tough competition to the English students and really played well.The students were picked up by their hosts and the students who stayed in the Inn were given a grand dinner of Pizzas by the coordinators.

Day 5 was yet another exciting day as the students were to reach the most coveted and one of the oldest Universities of the world that is the Oxford University. Once again a hired guide was ready to explain the history of the most famous learning hub of the world. A walking tour led them to some of the famous colleges out of the 38 of the like.The colleges that they saw are Trinity,college, Balliol ,Queens College, St John’s college etc
There are 22 thousand students in Oxford who travel in bicycles and students who appear for exams wear black and white and also a robe. After the final exams people were trashed by other students to celebrate crossing the finishing line.

Day six was the last day in Gloucester and Chosen Hill School. SAI students were sad to part from their hosts but were happy also as they were to start the next phase of the trip.Group photographs were taken and CHS students and teachers bade farewell to SAI group.

The next one and a half hours journey was interesting for the students as they eagerly looked forward to reach Birmingham and visit the Cadbury world..After checking in to the Travelodge Central Bulls Ring hotel, the students had a sumptuous lunch and were taken to the Cadbury world to have a tour through the colourful journey of getting to know the history of the Cadbury factory, which is hundreds of years old. A 4D adventure was also a very interesting movie experience. After a very satisfying chocolate shopping, the group went to see the famous University of Birmingham which many brilliant students across the world, look forward to be a part of.

20170609_194934Early morning the next day the journey started, to reach London which took quite an unexpected long time, however soon after reaching the hotel ,SAI group started off to visit Madam Tussauds which was already booked.It was a unique experience for everyone to see the wax statues of the very famous and important personalities of the world and also enjoy taking pictures with them.As planned in the itinerary the group went to Oxford street to do shopping for the near and dear ones.

The last day in London was hectic, as there were two more attractions to cover and also a city tour of London was in the plans. The Bus No 30 from London Hackney Central and took the SAI group to Baker street where they boarded the Hop on Hop off Bus and had a nice tour of the city and got down at London Eye.After the amazing ride on the capsules in London Eye they went to enjoy the next attraction that is the Shrek adventure and additionally enjoyed a 7 D movie of the world famous super heroes.,After a, grand lunch in Mc Donalds the most interesting part of the London trip awaited which was a ride in a cruise on the river Thames getting to know about the seven bridges which was so humorously presented by the guide.On the other side of the river they walked to the Oxford street and took the next bus to London Hackney Central.It was the last night in London .

Finally the trip was going to end. SAI team reached the Heathrow airport at around 1 0 clock and after having some lunch they boarded the flight to reach Doha in the mid night followed by the next flight to Delhi.It was exhilarating to touch the Indian soil after ten hectic days in UK and to wait excitedly for the next flight to reach Bhubaneswar where eager parents were waiting to receive their children.

The GIP UK gave a lot of global exposure to the young students in terms of school partnership, being hosted and staying with British families, visiting different important places, getting to know the history of some famous places like Oxford, Birmingham Universities and all the places in London. This was a great opportunity of having a cultural immersion as well. Of course students did learn skills like adaptability, leadership, communication, collaboration and team work.




1st Global Immersion Programme to CHINA May 28 – June 7, 2017

Global Immersion Programme  – China SAI Team –  from left to right:  Mrs. Jessica Patnaik, International Coordinator, Shruti Panigrahi, Aditee Das, Palak Seth, Kashika Pradhan, Swati Mohanty, Meeru Mahji, Rupali Mohanty, Sneha Das Mr. Sarat Kar, Manager Public Relations

The first Global Immersion Programme to China started with a short flight from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata and dinner at the residence of Mr Ma Zhanwu, Consul General, Consulate-General of The People’s Republic of China in Kolkata, who entertained the students with stories of his childhood and historical facts about links between China and India. During dinner he even took the time to explain how to use chop sticks and gave a short demonstration. The evening ended with a heartfelt goodbye as students boarded the bus for the Airport to catch their flight from Kolkata to Kunming also known as the “City of Eternal Spring”.

Link to the post on the Website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China –  about the meeting with Mr. Ma Zhanwu, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Kolkata.pic website chinese Consulate


The students explored Yunnan Nationalities Village which is located in the southwest suburb of Kunming City, Yunnan Province. As a window displaying the various cultures and customs of 25 minorities in Yunnan, it has been honoured “Class AAAA (highest rank) Scenic Spot” of China. The group had a look at traditional ethnic-featured buildings and colourful costumes showing off the different minorities of China.

SAI students visited a UNESCO world heritage site rightly named “The Stone Forest”. It lies about 80 miles to the southeast of Kunming. A geological phenomenon, the Stone Forest was a vast expanse of sea during the Palaeozoic era–some 270 million years ago. Later, the movement of tectonic plates altered the earth’s crust, causing the sea to recede and its limestone bottom to appear, thereby forming land and a group of great sculptures of different shapes, all moulded by nature.


In the midst of the forest, there is a huge rock screen on which two words–Stone Forest–are engraved in official script. Another amazing sight is the legendary pond of Ashima. Students listened intently as our guide Saline told the tall tale about a girl who cried so much she turned to stone.

Afterward we headed to the Waxberry, Chinese Strawberries orchard and feasted on fresh berries. A quick visit followed to the Yunnan Museum and finished off our day with Indian food and presentation practice for our visit to Kunming No. 8 High School.

On the Morning of May 31 students visited the Kunming No. 8 High School which was established over 60 years ago. Students were greeted at the gate and took a quick group photograph before they ran to prepare for their presentation. The presentation went smoothly and everyone praised the students.


Next was a ESL class on life science followed by a Chinese Calligraphy class were students learned how to write the Chinese characters for China, Indian and their own name. A short painting class followed and finally students had to say goodbye and board the bus. After a quick dinner at an Indian restaurant they spent time shopping in the local shops.

The Calligraphy teacher Mr Yang even wrote the characters for SAI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

The next day consisted of travelling from Kunming to Fuzhou. It was full of airports, luggage and checking in and out of hotels. The highlight of the evening was dinner were we ate very traditional Chinese cuisine native to Fuzhou. Most dishes had seafood in them including squid and vegetable soup, crawdad cooked in chillies spices and boiled vegetables, cabbage with rice noodles, and even sweet rice with coconut sauce that is culturally ceremonial.  We met our new guide Nana and Mr. James from the Fujain Foreign Affairs Office who gave us a lesson on how to eat the different types of food.

GIP China team then visited Fuzhou Foreign Languages School and signed a Memorandum of Understanding between SAI International School and  The Fuzhou Foreign Languages School.

IMG_5850Link to Fuzhou Foreign Languages School  website which the visit of SAI Internatioanl School is posted.  SAI Internatioanl School is the First South Asian School to sign an MOU with a School in Fujian Provence.FFLS website GIP CHina


The MOU is a three year agreement between the schools to promote communication of international education between China and India. Terms would include staff visits to each other’s school to enhance teaching abilities at booth schools, sharing of schools educational resources, set up online classes, improve a mutual understanding of Chinese and Indian Culture and conduct short term teacher and student exchange visits to broaden their international consciousness. It was signed by Mr Yang Lihua, Vice General Secretary, FFLS, Committee of CPC and Vice Principal of Fuzhou Foreign Languages School and Mrs Jessica Patnaik, International Coordinator, SAI International School.

After which students presented a brilliant PPT about seven of the states in India and more whore traditional costumes of each state as well. They also attended classes in a chemistry and Fuzhou history classes after which they rushed to the airport to catch their flight to Beijing. After a bit of sleep on the flight the group landed and headed for dinner at an Indian Restaurant.

Shopping, Shopping and a bit of history should have been the title given as the group visited one of China’s oldest national heritage sites located in the heart of Fuzhou City “Three Lanes and Seven Alleys”. The national treasure is around 2,200 years old and home to hundreds of well known historical Chinese historical figures and heroes. The team did a lot of shopping up and down the Main Street and then went on a tour of one ancient residential home which was proceed by a 3 hour flight to Beijing.

June 4 was full of Chinese history. Students visited the infamous Tiananmen Square or “Gate of Heavenly Places” located in the heart of Beijing City. The square has a long history of uprisings and historical ideology of China’s government. The square contains the Monument to the People’s Heroes, Great Hall of People, the National Museum of China, the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong and the Chinese Parliament building on its left side. Tiananmen Square is the second larges square in the world with a total area of 109 acres. Students took group pictures and small videos explaining detailed information about the square.

The group then entered the Forbidden City that was closed to all outsiders except royalty until 1944. It was the imperial palace from the Ming dynasty to the end of the Qing dynasty from 1420 to 1912. It served as home for 26 emperors and their households as well as the ceremonial and political center of Chinese government for almost 500 years. Students walked from the front gate to the back gate stopping for a few minutes here and there to rest as it was over 1 kilometre in distance. The tour ended with a quick visit to the imperial gardens and then out the back entrance.  Shopping was the next destination; it was our  last opportunity to shop in China.

Our last full day spent in China was an amazing visit to the Great Wall of China one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was built along an East -to -West line across the historical northern borders of China to protect the Chinese States against invasions and raids. Especially famous is the wall built 220–206 BCE by Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. Little of that wall remains. Since then, the Great Wall has been rebuilt, maintained, and enhanced; the majority of the existing wall is from the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). SAI students split into to two teams; one went onto the North Wall and the other the South Wall. Both groups reach the 4th tower and then returned. The view was breathtaking and spirit high when we reached the 4th tower as it was quite a hike.

SAIONEERs then had a quick lunch and headed for the Summer Palace located about a one hour drive away. The palace is beautiful and located around a lake which can be walked around using the Longest Corridor in the world and a UNESCO world heritage cultural site. It is 728 meters long with 14,000 paintings and pieces of art. Students learned a lot about Chinese ancient culture based on the 14,000 painting that adorn the roof of this amazing walk way.

The following day was again about travelling from Beijing to Kunming then Kunming to Kolkata and final Kolkata to Bhubaneswar arriving home at 8:25 am on the Morning of June 7.


What an AMAZING TRIP !!!!

谢谢 – Xièxiè – Thank you

Continued GSP with Churchdown Village Infant School, Gloucester UK

SAI International School and Churchdown Village Infant School , UK  Presenting out 3 year pilot core skills project at the Learning for a Sustainable Future, Teachers Conference 

As part of a long history of collaborative work between SAI International School and Churchdown Village Infant School, Gloucester UK, we have been awarded a Connecting Classrooms Grant providing opportunity for us to work together face-to-face on embedding the core skills in the classroom. Part of this programme is a visit from the partner school will and the development of a pilot project with Core Skills at the heart.

We are excited about our partner schools visit this November and had a remarkable opportunity to showcase our work in Delhi at the Leaning for a Sustainable Future, Teachers Conference. As an Indo-UK Team we presented our pilot project on the implementation of Core Skills in the classroom through lesson plan adaptation. Only 10 teams from India – UK were selected and it was a privilege to be a part of such a prestigious programme.

The conference had power house speakers from UK and India including Mr. Gareth Mills an adviser to the UK Government when working for England’s Curriculum Authority. Gareth now works with organisations and schools in the UK, Europe and Asia helping to design curricular and learning experiences for leaders, teachers and students. His portfolio includes work with The International Baccalaureate Organisation, UNESCO and The National Foundation for Education Research.

“A  good design can inspire and motivate – poor design frustrates and disheartens. It’s the same for learning as it is in the rest of life” said Mr. Mills during his speech.

Jessica Patnaik, International Coordinator and Evelyn Misra with Gareth Mills, keynote speaker of the Learning for a Sustainable Future, Teachers Conference in New Delhi.

The Connecting Classrooms Grant period is for 3 years and will focus on the advance of different Core Skills each year. Our pilot project with a weekly exchange of lessons plans with a focus on the execution of core skills in the classroom.  The first core skill to be covered will be Global Citizenship for two months, followed by critical thinking and problem-solving. The entire project will culminate in an exchange of reports from each school highlighting its benefits in the classroom environment and overall positive or negative impact on the students. There will be an in depth look at how to design any lesson towards core skill development in students and a core skill check list will be developed and shared. During their visit UK partner school conducted sample lesson plans in the classroom with our KG II and Class I students and teachers, launching our exchange of lessons on the the topic “Myself” with a focus on the core skill of Global Citizenship.

These classroom activities are just the beginning in a continuous exchange of core skills lesson plans on global citizenship and deep learning through problem solving and critical thinking.

Gombe Institutions, Uganda and SAI International School…a Budding Global Partnership


SAI International School always propagates global education and forward thinking on an international scale. As a global institutional leader it is our duty to share best practices with schools in other countries on the brink of instructive growth.  As part of our Global Immersion Programme to 7 countries, SAI International School has partnered with Gombe Group of Institutions located in Kampala, Uganda. This unique cluster of schools including a pre- primary, junior and high school are also on the lookout for educational improvements and have requested SAI International School to help them in institutional improvements through teacher training, exchange of ITC in the classroom, collaborative classroom activities and future training sessions in each other’s respective country. This year Gombe School principals and instructional Leaders have personally visited the school on two separate occasions. Once in June for our annual Model United Nations SAIMUN, 26 school heads and students visited SAI Intentional and took part in the MUN. During their visit they shared first hand their culture through dance, music, art and home visits with our students and their families.


In November two more staff visited from Gombe Day Care and Pre -Nursery. They stayed for 6 days in which they facilitated classroom activities and observations, storytelling through music and strengthened bonds between both institutions. Along with classroom activities Ms. Norah and Ms Viola help with the completion of two International School Award Projects including International Story  Exchange and  Music and Noise. They taught and entire tradition Song in Luganda (the national language of Uganda) called Njabala, about a young girl who was extremely lazy. SAI students also enjoyed learning to greet each other in Luganda. New words included Olyotya (How are you?) and the response was Bulungi ( I am Good).

They also procured items for SAIONEER EXIM the schools students import and export company. Items such as traditional Ugandan earnings, bracelets and pouches were brought and Indian items like Kurtis and Stoles were sent in reciprocation to be taken back to Ugandan and sold. A visit to Konark Temple was also on the agenda and our guest had a wonderful time learning about the rich heritage of Odisha.

In Sept, 2016 SAI International School signed a Partnership Agreement with Gombe Group of Institutions and plans on growing this partnership through continued all school mentoring, collaborative international projects and annual teachers exchange visits.



Australia Calling

SAI International School hosted assistant teachers from Melbourne, Australia. They spent the entire day conducting nutrition workshops with students from class VIII – XI.


As registered dietitian nutritionists they provided safe, evidence-based dietary advice, and information about interaction of nutrients and other substances in food. They also spoke about healthy food intake, absorption, assimilation, biosynthesis, and its effect on ones anatomy.

Students had the opportunity to participate in conversations about Australia as well. Topics included Australian wildlife, food habits, forms of entertainment and renowned places in Australia.

The entire programme was coordinated by Dr. Ron Harper, Managing Director, Centurion Globe in accordance with Centurion University, Camberwell Australia. Dr. Harper will be continuing future collaboration with SAI International School in regards to future exchange visit to Australia in October, 2017. We look forward to a long a beneficial partnership with Centurion University over the next few years. Not only as visitors to Australia but as host in India.

UK Exchange visit 2016


Day-1   26th June 2016 – The SIS group reached the Biju Patnaiak International Airport in Bhubaneswar with great excitement and delight. The parents, Principal and teachers of the school cheered the group and also gave necessary tips for the trip. After a long overnight flight we reached Heathrow early in the morning with a pleasant English weather. The drivers took us to the Chosen Hill with a short break for a Mc Donald’s treat as a brunch. The coordinating teacher Amanda Ma’am and the parents with our host friends were waiting to receive us in the school Campus. It was such a pleasure to meet our respective host students and later we drove to their houses and we all were very happy and comfortable in a new home yet so friendly and warm. – Anuj Mohanty

Day-2   27th June 2016 – It was a fine day with the sun in the sky… we got to know something about the English culture means how they eat ,what they eat and many more. Today was our first day in Chosen Hill School. It is really a beautiful school with lots of greenery. We attended classes with our hosts to get some information about the educational system and we got it too. We played an English sport known as rounders in the afternoon. We made a lot of friends and gathered a lot of experience. We all had some wonderful lunch in the school. At last we prepared baked Swiss rolls and enjoyed it a lot. Doing the activity along with the students of SAI and Chosen Hill guided by the English teachers was a real fun activity. We can now make baked Swiss rolls for our parents. The day was wonderful with lots of learning and fun as well. –  Soumya Saswat Panda


Day-3 28th June 2016 – On 28th June we reached the Churchdown Primary school with our teacher, Amanda Ma’am and Alice Ma’am for a project. It is a junior school with classes I to VI.It is a lovely school and some students of class VI showed us round the school. We helped some students with the water measuring activity and then we went to class V where we helped them with understanding of water cycle. After that we participated with the class IV students for a camping activity where the students showed us the different places with fallen tree and dry areas. The teacher then taught us a kind of a knot to tightly hold a bunch of logs which can be burnt easily. We made a camp fire for making marsh mallows and popcorns. We conducted an assembly to show the students a presentation on saving water.We also met our Rosy Ma’am there who came from Churchdown Village Infant school to meet us.We returned back to Chosen Hill school after having our lunch there. – Aadyasha Mohanty

Day-4   29th  June  2016 – Today we went to Oxford with Jaysurya sir and Miss Amanda. It was an open day at Oxford so we could actually go inside the library and see the students’ rooms in the hostel. It was a majestic experience. Only disadvantage was that it was raining and we couldn’t put out the school banner and take a group photograph. Seeing one of the most famous Universities of the World , gave a different kind of experience all together. The entire place is beautiful and very oriental. We also looked around the place and did little bit of shopping inspite of the drizzle and showers. We had lunch in Oxford and came back in the evening with pleasant experience. – Anwesha Mohanty

Day-5  30th  June  20img-20160724-wa002616 – Today in the morning we reached Chosen Hill School with our host. We were told to conduct an assembly in the morning. We conducted an assembly for class 7 students. We showcased our Indian culture on the stage.We were dressed up with dresses of different states of India and we walked on the stage while two of our friends showed a power point presentation.The student audience asked us a lot of questions on Indian culture and we all loved to answer them.

Then we took the group photograph after the assembly. After that we went to Drayton manor in the bus. After a long journey of  one and a half hours we reached Drayton Manor. We were given some breakfast before we went for the rides. We had great fun on the different rides. We were given time intervals  and identified places where  we would meet . We got around six hours to enjoy the beautiful theme park and have fun. Then finally we came back from that place having a great time. I think the rides were amazing. I went to all the rides and had lots of fun. – Jayesh Jethy

Day-5  30th  June  2016 – I woke up at 7:30 am with the feeling that this 30th of June which surely promises me even an  exciting yet learning experience. Today is my 5th day in Gloucester. Started the day with breakfast at 7.45, prepared by my host Mom.We had pan cakes. At 8:15 I reached Chosen Hill school with Bethany (my host) in my traditional costumes for assembly. I was representing West Bengal so I was wearing a white saree with  red border. So were other students ready with their costumes. We got a very thrilling response from the audience. Representing my country’s culture in a foreign land gave me and my companions a sense of pride and honour. After the assembly we had a group photograph. We changed our costumes and boarded our bus to Drayton Manor,the theme park. It took us two hours to reach there.  Our teachers instructed us some rules and then we all were busy in our rides and fun games. Excitement coupled with entertainment followed and kept us occupied for a couple of hours till we felt hungry. French fries and fried chicken was a relief to hunger pangs. We had lots of fun and then we boarded the bus at 3:30 and reached the school at 5:30 and I went with  my host to a pub, as they call a restaurant there. The host family with all their extended family members were present and I felt at home. It was already 7.00 pm when we returned to our beds. In spite of being a tiring day the rides in the park with friends from Chosen Hill school was quite an experience. It made me take chances and explore my potential to take risks with many rides which seemed awful. The warmth and friendliness I discovered among us was amazing. Be it anywhere… it is always adjustment with a positive feeling. – Mansita Mishra

Day-6   1st July 2016 – Today morning we first went to school then after that at 8:55 am we went to the famous Gloucester Cathedral .It was a beautiful cathedral and we enjoyed a tour of the Cathedral that said a lot about the history of the place and the most important of all reminded us of Harry Porter stories as most of the movies are shot here. After that we returned back to school and then we attended the last period after that we all returned back to our host family’s house with our hosts. It was a very good day for us. By now we had become very friendly with our host and his family.We really enjoyed in their homes.They also took us to different places in the evenings which was another great experience.   – Gour Gopal Karan

Day-7 : 2nd July, 2016 – We were almost heading towards the end of the 10 days trip to the UK.We had already spent six wonderful days in Gloucester. Today we got together and as it was a Saturday there was no School so it was a free day. We had an English breakfast and then we went to the Gloucester Docks. It was nice and in the evening our hosts had special plans for us which we  enjoyed and went to bed early after packing as we had to start early for London the next morning.As I rested on the last day I thought about all the learning experience we had and also all the fun we did besides having the company of new friends and the host families who treated us so well.Of course we looked forward to the three days we were going to spend in London before departing to our own country. – Rishabh Parida

Day-8 : 3rd July, 2016 – We all left our host homes and went to Chosen Hill school. Our teachers and the teachers of CHS along with the host families were all waiting .Our hosts bade farewell in a very nice way. We exchanged some thank you cards and said the final goodbye at 9.30am. We started off on our London trip to explore yet another part of our trip by visiting a dream city that is London and Mr. Ken ,a former teacher of CHS and  a teacher trainer who visits our school every year also joined us.He was kind enough to be there with us and guide us in London. We checked in to the Hotel London Central Kings Cross Travelodge and kept our luggage in our respective rooms.  We moved to an Indian restaurant and had Biryani there. It was great to have Indian food after a long time.We moved on for a city tour hopping on the Red bus and changed our bus twice to move on different routes. We watched different monuments like the London Bridge, Big Ben ,Trafalgar square and the Buckingham Palace etc. We moved to an Indian restaurant and had dinner and went to our respective rooms to wake up for one more day of excitement. – Subham Chandak

Day-9 : 4th July  2016 – 
The 2nd day in London was very exciting as we knew from our itineraries that we are going to visit some very exciting places.After breakfast we all took the tube train to rush to Madam Tussauds as we had a time slot for 10.30 am.We all reached there on time and looking at the Wax statues of the famous personalities of the world was astounding.We took selfies with Indian celebrities there.After that we soon rushed to the London Eye where we enjoyed the ride.It was like being on top of the world at one point of time.After having lunch we moved to the Oxford Street to do shopping. In the meanwhile we said bye to Ken Sir who was with us for two days. We returned back to the hotel tired and with shopping bags full of gifts for our near and dear ones. – Adarsh Chandak

Day-9 : 4th July  2016 – The 2nd day in London was very exciting as we knew from our itineraries that we are going to visit some very exciting places.After breakfast we all took the tube train to rush to Madam Tussauds as we had a time slot for 10.30 am.We all reached there on time and looking at the Wax statues of the famous personalities of the world was astounding.We took selfies with Indian celebrities there.After that we soon rushed to the London Eye where we enjoyed the ride.It was like being on top of the world at one point of time.After having lunch we moved to the Oxford Street to do shopping. In the meanwhile we said bye to Ken Sir who was with us for two days. We returned back to the hotel tired and with shopping bags full of gifts for our near and dear ones. – Adarsh Chandak

img-20160724-wa0075Day-8 : 5th July, 2016 – Today is the last day of our very enjoyable UK trip.We were little bit sad but happy that we would go back home. Some of us had really started feeling home sick.However,early morning we woke up and went out to have breakfast. After that we took the tube train to reach Buckingham Palace to see the changing of Gaurds ceremony which was really a feast for our eyes. We will always remember the view of this event. We took a lot of pictures there. As it was already late we came back to our hotel to check out and then waited for the taxis to arrive. By evening 6 pm we were there at the Airport. It was easy for us to complete the boarding and immigration process much before the flight time. We whiled away our time in the Airport and boarded the AIR India flight back to our own land-India. We reached Delhi the next day morning and we had the whole day with us to take the next flight to Bhubaneswar and we knew our parents would be waiting eagerly at the Airport to receive us. We spent the day having lunch and looking around the different shops at the Airport. We all came back loaded with great experience which will be cherished by all of us forever.

We all are very thankful to our school and parents for having given us this opportunity of going on this student exchange visit to UK. – Animesh Mohanty

No Hating Zone – International Youth Day 2016


To mark the occasion of International Youth Day and spread awareness on Anti Discrimination, the young SAIoneers have started a campaign to bring to light and voice against the societal taboos and stigmas that inflict pain and sufferings in individual as well as society. Symbolically launched on the date of Independence in the social media on Monday, August 15, 2016, this campaign intends to free oneself from all the taboos and stigmas that impede your growth.

Wordpress IYD.jpg

It has triggered tremendous response from the youth mass all over the globe, endorsing the cause. Citing their personal experiences, the students have uploaded various photographs and videos giving out a strong message.


“I am SHORT, but my height has nothing to do with my identity. It doesn’t matter what size you are on the outside. I will still reach heights that could never be imagined” voices Yatan Bathwal in his Facebook account.


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that” wrote Rohit Choudhury from Bangalore in his account, supporting the “No Hating Zone’ campaign launched by the Going Global and Interact Club members of SAI International School.

Students produced a video supporting the campaign and received over 1,000 views with in the first 5 days after upload. This process took a week of filming and editing.



Each year students design T-shirts that support the cause and the entire team wears it to a 2 hour event…this years T-shirt was a big hit. No hate badges were also designed and sold to raise funds to support the campaign. Event posters were placed all over the school inviting the school to attend the event.

In lieu with the essence of International Youth Day of involving the youth in making positive contributions to the community, every year SAIoneers celebrate this day by spreading awareness on different issues. This year, the Day was observed in Pal Heights, Bhubaneswar on Saturday, August 27, 2016 from 2pm to 4pm. Through thematic skits, band performances and dances, the students  sensitize the public on societal taboos and stigmas. With an audience of over 600 people and programme of 120 SAI students and teacher coordinators, successful is to small of a word…..SPECTACULAR is more like it!!!

The skits were based on coping with acid attacks and discrimination about physical attributes like body shaming, gender, skin colour, physical appearance etc. This was followed with an interactive session with the public, who shared their opinion and experience in the platform.

The campaign is still growing and has being recognized on Instagram as well!


Join the Campaign and upload a black and white photo with NO HATE written on Facebook, write your story about hate and don’t forget to #nohate it and nominate 10 people to do the same and post on our the official Facebook page:


Here are some of our supporters from Bhubaneswar to Pune to Mumbai to USA-

The #NOHATE campaign reached  33, 342 people in 3 weeks and still going !!!







The month of May brought on an exciting adventure for 18 students from SAI International School. The student’s embarked on a two week trek across the east coast of USA. From Orlando to Niagara Falls to Washington D.C. and finally New York City their voyage engulfed all the best the US has to offer.

Highlights of their time in Orlando started with a visit to their link school Dr. Phillips High School. Students represented their school, city, state and country at the Center for International Studies. Dressed in traditional Indian attire they spoke about the different customs, food habits and festivals of India. Shadowing their US hosts to different classrooms was exhilarating as SAI students even had the opportunity to dissect a squid during Marine Biology lesson. A full tour of Dr. Phillips High School gave the student insight on the US education system. The students also visited the University of Central Florida. They participated in a walking tour visiting all the important departments and meeting with the admissions team.

The next few days were jam packed with one day passes to Disney Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios Adventure Island. Rides Rides and More Rides!!! with a Hogwarts Castle – School of Witchcraft and Sorcery as focal point.

Link to video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qf5NR2Cs6LA&feature=youtu.be



Link to Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyd_vHu-coI&feature=youtu.be

The next two days of the trip were designated to complete the Kennedy Space Centre & Beyond Certification Programme were students participated in the Shuttle Launch Experience, Space Shuttle Atlantis, Apollo / Saturn V Centre, Lunch with and Astronaut and KSC Up- Close Explore Tour. Each element of the programme brought to life the excitement and splendour of deep space travel and exploration. Lunch with Astronaut was a highlight as students conversed one on one with Donald A. Thomas (Ph.D) NASA Astronaut a veteran with four space flights and has logged over 1,040 hour in space. Apollo/ Saturn V Centre were incredible and students had the opportunity to touch a moon rock while hearing about all the interesting Apollo/ Saturn Space Shuttle facts and flight simulations. Our NASA Experience ended with a VIP Bus tour that took to some of KSC most iconic land marks.

“We felt equally intimidated and awestruck seeing these huge spacecrafts. It was enthralling to bear witness to such an important leap for humankind.” – Meeru & Kashika of Class IX

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_fMPF3QUW0&feature=youtu.be

Up early in the morning the group rushed to the airport and boarded their flight to Buffalo New York. Quickly they checked in to their resort hotel on the river’s edge and headed to Niagara Falls to see it light up at night. What a spectacular sight with the Ontario skyline on one side and the peace full tranquillity of the falls on the other.  The next morning they headed back to the falls and boarded the Maid in the Mist Tour Boast. As the Boat came close to the falls the group became drenched even with their blue plastic ponchos that covered most of their bodies.

link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6Og-DMHoH8&feature=youtu.be

The rest of the Day was spent on the Bus as they drove from Buffalo to Washington D.C. With a good night’s sleep they woke up early and well rested and ready to explore the US Capital City. The Pentagon, The Capital Building, The White House, The Lincoln Memorial, The Vietnam Memorial and The Washington Monument were just some of the places they ventured. The day tour ended with a long bus ride to New York City with a brief stop at Hersey’s Chocolate Factory. With only two hour to spend there the student quickly purchased as much chocolate they could without exceeding their luggage weight limit. They arrived in NYC late in the night checked into their rooms and got some much need rest. The next Day started out with a trip to the Statue of Liberty then a guided city tour telling about the cities unique history and including visits to Ground Zero, the New World Trade Center. After lunch the group headed to the United Nations with VIP band on their wrists they toured the facility finally writing the school’s name in the gust book and a group photograph in front of the UN’s hoisted flag as the background. The final day in USA was a morning trip to the Empire State Building. The view from the 86th floor is astounding with the entire city in view below. Even the Statue of Liberty can be seen as a small speck in the bay.




“Travelling to the United States of America is a dream come true. I have always wanted to explore that part of the world. I wish I could have stayed longer. I plan on joining a University in the USA for my undergrad degree and will defiantly look at the US as a destination to complete my higher education. I am grateful to SAI International School for organizing such a life changing experience, one that I will cherish for years to come.” –Duttareya Ratha , Class XII

link to video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QSUZtdMtFQ&feature=youtu.be

Meeting Don Thomas was a wonderful experience he even wished the school well !!!!

International Day of Service

meeting to discuss the activities we planned on doing

A Compassionate Sojourn: 

At SAI International School, our students recognize that the privilege of a good education comes with a responsibility to help others and it is one of the prime reasons that observing International Day of Service is an integral part of the ethos of the school. This day focuses not only on students providing service to the community and to the marginalized, but also gives our students the chance to learn about human values of compassion, empathy, mutual respect and tolerance.

May 7 has been marked as an important day in the school calendar where our students will render their selfless service to inmates of Open Learning System, a school for special needs students. A group of 30 students along with the two Coordinators from the school left for a day with an experience of a lifetime. A lot of activities were planned for the students like play dough, photo booth, art and craft and music and dance. Juice, Biscuits, Chocolates, T-shirts, soft toys and a lot of learning materials were a part of the big donation drive organized by the Going Global and Interact Club of SAI. The students’ whole heartedly donated for this noble initiative and thanked the school for this opportunity of rendering selfless service to God’s special children.

We bid the students our byes with the promise of returning again and spending quality time and forging strong bonds.